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Banana Lumpia

By Jennifer Doria

Prep Time: 30 minutes 

Cook Time 15 minutes 

Total Time 45 minutes 

Serves 30



1 package vegan lumpia wrapper, thawed

8 pc. Cooking Banana

1 cup Brown Sugar

Neutral tasting oil for frying


Prepare your lumpia prep station and get comfortable! Prepare four plates and one platter at your prep area: one plate for all your lumpia wrappers, one plate for your bananas, one plate for your brown sugar, one plate to assemble each lumpia, one platter for your raw lumpia, and one platter for your cooked lumpia (lined with paper towels).


Carefully peel and separate the lips wrappers and lay them on one of the plates Spread some brown sugar on another plate to roll your bananas in. Slice the cooking banana in fours, lengthwise, and place them on a plate. 


Assembling the lumpia:

Take one sheet of lumpia wrapper and place it on a clean plate, making sure one of the corners is facing you. Generously roll one of the slices of bananas in sugar, and place it about 1” away from the corner of the lumpia that's facing you, horizontally. Roll and tuck the bottom corner of the wrapper over and under the banana. Tuck the side corners of the wrapper over the banana, then finish rolling the lumpia, making sure the wrapper is not too tight or too loose. Once finished, place the lumpia seam side down on a platter. 


Frying the lumpia: 

Once you are finished assembling the lumpia, fill a frying pan or wok with your choice of oil enough so that the lumpia can float in the oil. Fry until golden brown and place on a platter lined with paper towels, being careful not to overcrowd the pan. Clear out any caramel that has collected in the oil to prevent burned caramel from cooking onto your lumpias. Serve the same day and loosely cover the lumpias to prevent them from getting soggy. 


Best served the same day it is assembled and fried. These can be made ahead of time, however, the lumpia wrapper may start to lose its shape. Serve as is or with vegan ice cream and vegan caramel sauce. 


You can find vegan lumpia wrappers at any Asian store or local store on O'ahu. I have also seen vegan lumpia wrappers in mainland grocery stores. The packaged wrappers will not say "vegan" on them, so be sure to read the ingredients and avoid the wrappers that have egg in them . Obviously, avoid egg roll wrappers, because they are not the same.

For stricter vegan diets in the United States, it is best to buy organic sugar, since non-organic sugar in the USA is polished with bone char. But if organic sugar is out of the question for you, it is still okay to use regular brown sugar for this recipe.

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