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Shortcakes Hawaii has been in the cake business since 2017, and will continue to serve the community with our egg-free/ dairy-free/vegan-friendly cakes and other goodies for a long time. Yes, we are not going away anytime soon, despite me going to grad school!

Effective August 1st, our prices will increase and some items will no longer be available for purchase.

We're also going soy-free! The milks we will use now are oatmilk, the MVP of all plant-based milks, and almond milk. 🙌

We'll be offering perks to those who order often and visit our website; and perks for weddings!

Part of our website will be down for the first week of August to make necessary updates, and should be back up by August 10. However, you can still order by email and through the online ordering forms.

Thank you for your continued support since 2017!!!


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