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Are your products free of food allergies?


While we cater to most dietary restrictions, those who have a food allergy should not order from us, as we work with wheat, corn, nuts and tree nuts. We also do not work in an exclusive dairy/egg-free kitchen. We can substitute most ingredients to meet your dietary needs, as long as it is egg and dairy-free.



Are your products vegan?


Everything we make is vegan. We have always made vegan items and do not plan to sell non-vegan items…ever. However, we do not operate in a vegan kitchen.



Are your products organic?


Most of the ingredients we use are organic or non-gmo.




What kind of milk do you use?


We use oatmilk and coconut milk in our items. We also offer almond milk as an alternative.



What kind of food coloring do you use?


We offer both artificial (vegan-friendly) and natural, plant-based food dye (there will no longer be an extra charge for natural food coloring; however, please contact us well in advance to make sure we have natural food coloring available). There is an extra charge for multi-colored frosting and other edible decorations.


Most of our regular items do not contain artificial food dye, except for our ube cake and cupcakes. Please let us know if you prefer natural food dyes or have a food dye allergy so that we may better assist you.

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