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We offer decorated sugar cookies for any occasion! We use high-quality royal icing, colored with professional-grade food coloring, with option to use plant-based food coloring (inquire for pricing).


Typically, cookies start at $1 per inch

(i.e. $2 per 2” cookie, $3 per 3” cookie, etc.)

Prices are based on level of intricacy.


Best Offer: Cookie Platter $45

  • includes 3 large and intricately decorated cookies (4"-5"”)

  • 4 medium cookies (less designs/color, roughly 3"-4”), and

  • 5 small cookies (simple designs/color, 2”-3”)


We can help you customize your cookie platter to meet your needs.

Please inquire for more information.

NEW! Check out our newest service: Custom Edible Images!

*Prices updated as of 7/1/2020

*Minimum order for decorated sugar cookies is one dozen as of 6/2021

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